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  • Played on Ellen DeGeneres, The Big Bang Theory, House of Cards, and Game of Thrones

  • Get to know your friends a WHOLE LOT better


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Relive All of Life’s Awkward and Embarrassing Moments

  • Never Have I Ever is the famous adult party game that Ellen DeGeneres has been playing with her guests like Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Justin Bieber.
  • This card game is all about the players! Try to find as many wild and crazy friends and family members as you can, because the more they’ve done, the more fun you will have. And don’t worry, what may have seemed like a terrible idea at the time now earns you points and makes you a winner.
  • The Never Have I Ever game will reveal some interesting things about your friends and family that you may never have known about before, including things that don’t normally come up in polite conversation. Each time you play you’ll have a chance to relive life’s funny, embarrassing and awkward moments.
  • Like most adult party games, this has adult content, which makes for the most deviant fun. So, if you’re the spiteful sort of person and someone has wronged you in the past, you now have the chance to wrong them back. If you know they’ve done something a little worthy of embarrassment, go ahead and say, “Never Have I Ever” in that evil little tone.
  • Obviously, this can be played as a drinking game. Be warned of hangovers in the morning and take precautions for it. Don’t drink and drive and have a sober friend help out or retain enough basic functions to call yourself a cab.
  • Just remember, this is the game of poor life decisions and there’s only one real rule to the game – No Judgment.
  • Professionally printed on premium playing cards. Includes 485 Never Have I Ever game questions and 65 rule cards.


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