CADs About Maternity

CADs About Maternity

(AGES 17+)

Introducing Cads About Maternity – the game that’s so wrong, it’s right! From the twisted minds behind Cads About Matrimony (which apparently wasn’t offensive enough), comes a new game that’s perfect for bad mommies.

Want to make a pregnant lady cry? Offend the grandparents? Ruin a baby shower? Look no further! With just 200 cards, you can now make the transition to parenthood even more terrifying and difficult than it already is.

And don’t worry if you’re too busy peeing every 30 seconds or falling asleep mid-sentence, we’ve made sure the game is short and sweet. It’s a classic matching game where players submit their most joyful and disgusting answers to questions about parenthood.

So, gather your friends (if you still have any) and let the offensive wit and gleeful horror of Cads About Maternity bring you together in a mutual love for bad taste and dirty minds. It’s the bastard love child of the party game world, and it’s waiting for you!

What You Need

  • Ages: 17+
  • Play Time: 30-60 Minutes
  • Players: 4-12

What You Get

  • 200 Play Cards
  • 15 Blank Cards
  • Instructions

Where and When

  • New Parents
  • Baby Showers
  • Co-Ed Shower
  • Sip & Play Party
  • Girls Trip